Worker & Industry Organizing

  • Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)
    • Over 100 years old, your local IWW branch can support you with member-led, grassroots union organizing at your workplace.
  • The Architecture Lobby
    • TAL is a decentralized network of local chapters that organize projects in service of architectural workers as well as a democratic society and a humanitarian built environment.
    • A list of recent labor organizing efforts including those in designer-inclusive fields of tech and media.

Other Education & Social Groups

  • BIPOC Design History
    • Through pre-recorded lectures, readings, and live discussions… the series revisits and rewrites the course of design history in a way that centers previously marginalized designers, cultural figures—and particularly BIPOC and QTPOC people. 
  • Evening Class
    • It’s like an alternative graphic design night programme. Based in London with discussion on topics like labour, post-capitalism and the commons.

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